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Horizon Honors Schools does not receive the same type of funding as a traditional school district.
We must rely on gifts from our parents, alumni, foundations, and the community
to offer a world-class, tuition-free education. 

Please support the Horizon Honors Capital Campaign.
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Campus Expansion Rendering

Horizon Honors is in a campaign to renovate and expand classrooms, as well as an addition for a performing arts center and smaller gymnasium on the west side of our campus.


Horizon Honors’ classrooms were initially constructed for elementary students, are smaller in size, and set up for team teaching. Since these classrooms are now designated for secondary students, there is a need for an update. Horizon Honors is also seeing a trend in increased student enrollment in its middle school and high school. This expansion project will meet Horizon’s needs for both increased enrollment and updated classrooms.

With the renovation, Horizon Honors will strategically plan for the classrooms to be moved to the West Wing and build those classrooms to support the needs such as:
• Upgraded science labs
• Upgraded special area classrooms such as art, computer science, and virtual lab classes
• The upgraded classrooms would allow for re-assigning areas of the school to provide for a student commons area where the current art room/digital classrooms are being held

Current & Future K-12 Horizon Honors Students. All students that are currently in the Elementary School and many students in the Secondary School will have the opportunity to directly experience these changes and benefit wholly from these updates.

Older Horizon Honors Students & Alumni. While some Secondary School students may not get to experience these changes in the near-term, this is a step forward for our school that will have a lasting impact. When these projects are completed, the value of a Horizon Honors education will significantly increase.

Horizon Honors Teachers. Updated, larger classrooms will enhance teacher effectiveness. Newer classroom spaces will also allow for an increase in student technology use and more frequent hands-on learning opportunities.

Our Community & Our World. Horizon Honors students are preparing to be the next generation of problem solvers and change-makers. With better facilities, students will be more equipped upon graduation for life’s next set of responsibilities and challenges. Horizon Honors alumni already work in prominent roles and industries throughout the world. With state-of-the-art facilities, learning, believing, dreaming, and daring will rise to an even higher standard. There is no telling how future Eagles will change the world!


Map of possible construction
Two story building
16 large, state-of-the art classrooms, some with science labs
Weight Room

Performing Arts Center/Auditorium

$6 Million

Pedagogy: Allow for updated classrooms to enhance teaching effectiveness

Science Curriculum: Uses modeling teaching strategy that requires daily hands-on experiments and projects. An updated science lab would support the modeling teaching strategy

Technology in the classroom: Over the past 8 years, Horizon Honors has improved laptop-to-student ratios from a 1:8 to 1:2 in the secondary school. Updated classrooms would be designed to support enhanced student technology use

No passing through other classrooms to go to the bathroom, office, etc.: Would maximize instruction time for all classes and minimize interruptions by each classroom having its own exit

Second floor add-ons to classrooms: Allows for additional growth and demand in the secondary school. Currently, every grade level has a waitlist at the secondary school.

Physical classroom size would increase: Since the classrooms being renovated were once elementary classrooms, the configuration was designed for younger students. The renovated classrooms will allow the students to have more room to move around, which allows teachers to use more engaging strategies involving movement and grouping/regrouping.


As Horizon Honors has had over 20 years of success, this project will enable the school to continue to deliver quality instruction and programs into the next 20 years.

West Wing Hallway
Empty Classroom


Graphic that says: There are some wonderful opportunities planned by our Community Building Committee. These events will not only support this project, but will be some great ways to bring our community together outside of the school day.

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