Summary of Student Fees
Posted on 08/06/2018
Summary of Student Fees Graphic

Horizon Honors provides a curriculum that enriches student learning by applying the new knowledge and skills gained each day in all subject areas to solve real-life problems in a hands-on manner. In addition to our regular curriculum, extra-curricular activities are offered before, during, and after school. In order to support these programs it requires additional funds above and beyond what the state money provides. As a result, we feel it is important to continue these programs by asking our stakeholders to pay additional fees.

The current application of the Arizona Tax Credit law allows for some of these fees to be eligible for a tax credit. You may also choose to contribute an amount in addition to the listed fees of up to a total of $400 (joint filing) or $200 (single filing) per calendar year.

These fees represent only a portion of the costs required to provide such programs as: physical education offered every day; music programs; Spanish for all grade levels; drama; art masterpiece; project group; and many more.  The fees collected will be used to cover the cost of these items.  In order to maintain the quality programs offered at Horizon Honors, it costs approximately $8,084 per student. The school receives approximately $6858 for basic state funding. The difference of $1,226 is covered by fund raising, donations and fees.

Remember that the payment of extra-curricular activity fees and participation in the fundraising conducted each year are not required to have your child enrolled at Horizon Honors. However, it is important to know that payment must be made for your child to participate in those extra-curricular activities requiring fees. Scholarships are available for those families meeting the criteria for financial assistance. Elective and consumable supply fees are due on, or before, August 15, 2018.  Field Trip fees will be paid after ILP Conferences.

Please note these fees do NOT include: athletics ($250), intramurals ($125), clubs ($30+ per club per quarter), overnight events (varies), and extended day field trips.

K-6 Student Fees Include:

Grades KG-6 Field Trip Fee (Tax Credit Eligible) = $55 (Paid through school’s website.  Directions will be given at ILP Conferences.)

(Fee must be paid for student to attend field trips for the entire year)

Grades KG-2 Consumable Supply Fee (Not Tax Credit Eligible) = $65 (Paid in PowerSchool)

(Fee used to cover personal supplies used by students, technology supplies, and extended programs)

Grades 3-6 Consumable Supply Fee (Not Tax Credit Eligible) = $70  (Paid in PowerSchool)

(Fee used to cover personal supplies, planners, used by students, technology supplies, and extended programs)

Grades 5-6 Elective Class Fee (Not Tax Credit Eligible) = $60  (Paid in PowerSchool)

(Fee for 5th/6th grade band, chorus and art only)


7-12 Student Fees Included:

Field Trip Fee (Tax Credit Eligible) = Paid per field trip  (Paid through school’s website)

(Student will receive permission/payment form before field trip)

Consumable Supply Fee (Not Tax Credit Eligible) = $60  (Paid in PowerSchool)

(Fee used to cover personal supplies used by students, technology supplies, and extended programs)

Elective Class Fee (Not Tax Credit Eligible) = $100 per applicable class  (Paid in PowerSchool)

(Classes offered for a fee include: Art, Band, Chorus, Culinary Arts, Graphic Design, Guitar, Journalism, and Multi-Media, AP Psychology, Child Development, AP Computer Science)

How to Pay Your Fees:

The online payment system will only be visible through the parent PowerSchool accounts.  Student accounts and phone apps will not have this function.  You may use this payment process by continuing as follows:

  1. Log into PowerSchool.
  2. Choose "Account Preferences" and update your email address. You will receive all payment receipts at this email address.
  3. Choose “Pay Online."  This will take you to the student fee payment site.
  4. All of the students that are linked to your PowerSchool account will be listed by name on tabs across the top.  Click on each student’s name to show the list of student fees associated with that particular student.  Each student may have different fees depending on grade, elective classes, or unpaid fees from the prior year. 
  5. All Consumable Supply fees and Elective fees are already added to your cart.  Grades K-6:  Beginning this year, the Field Trip fees will be paid online through the school website as a one-time $55 payment.This payment will include all the field trips for the year.ALL fees including Consumable Supply, elective fee and prior year’s fees must be paid for the student to attend the field trips. Grades 7-12:  Field Trip fees will be “Pay by Event”. Students will receive a permission slip/payment form from their teacher for each trip.  Payments will be made online through the school website.
  6. Click on “View Cart” to review all student fees in your cart. 
  7. When you are ready to pay, click the “Pay Now” button on the “View Cart” screen.  You will be taken directly to the “Check Out” screen.  You will have the option to pay in one payment or four installments.  Accepted payment methods are MasterCard, Visa and Electronic Check.     One-Time Payment:  If you would like to make a one-time payment, first choose your payment type (credit card or electronic check).  Complete the information needed for either payment option. Installment Payments:  If you would like to make installment payments choose the “Create Payment Plan” near the upper right of the page. Please complete steps 1-3. Note: Installment options are separated by schools as “Student Fees Installment Plan K-6” and “Student Fees Installment Plan 7-12”.  If you have students in both schools, you will need to complete the process for each school plan. Each school plan summarizes all students within that school.  Payment plan dates are August, September, October and November, on the 18th of each month and will automatically be drafted on these dates. If the payment plan is set up after the first installment on August 18th, the payment plan option will be divided over the remaining three months.

We thank you for utilizing our payment system! We hope the online payment process makes it easier for our families to complete the payment process. If you do not see all of your students, do not have a PowerSchool account, or have any questions, please email finance.dept@horizonclc.org.