Honors Focus

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The Horizon Honors Difference.
Horizon Honors’ integrated approach involves students solving real-life problems through cooperative, thematic, hands-on/minds-on experiences so students understand how their classes, like life, are linked together.

We believe the basis for real learning and understanding is by “doing.” Student learning is demonstrated by the application of new knowledge and skills resulting in an authentic display of their understanding and accomplishments.

At Horizon Honors schools, every student is unique. Students have an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) that is created with students, teachers, and parents each quarter. ILPs help students set academic and social goals that will challenge them to grow beyond their greatest dreams.

High Standards, Honors Focus.
Horizon Honors schools provide “a gifted education program for all students.” The focus on student needs, instructional organizational patterns, and classroom strategies reflect those often reserved for gifted students in the traditional setting. Because of this approach, critical thinking, creative thinking, hands-on/minds-on learning, integrated instruction, cooperative learning, problem solving, and leadership opportunities are highlighted throughout the curriculum.

Horizon Honors’ curriculums incorporate the standards adopted by the Arizona Department of Education. Students are expected to achieve beyond these standards in all content areas including the development of skills in critical thinking, creative thinking, and character building. Our honors curriculum is designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, is evidence based, is aligned with college and career expectations, and includes rigorous content and skills reflecting the knowledge that young people need for success.
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